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Sunday, April 5, 2009

My gift for Rhea

I will show photos of my fob to Rhea as she has not had the opportunity to do so


I am glad that you like


stitchhappy said...

Thanks, Svetta, for posting the photos of the fob you stitched for Rhea. It is quite stunning and I know she has to love it!
Sharon M

Rhea said...

Thank you so very much again for the absolutely beautiful fob, Svetta! It is far too pretty to use! And I'm so sorry I am unable to post a photo. Thank you for doing that for me! I'm glad that everyone will be able to see what a stunning gift you've made for me!


Ronel said...

I just love this fob! Svetta, your colours are beautiful and such a nice finish!

Smily said...

Svetta, it is very beatiful!

Theresa said...

This is gorgeous!!!!!!

Monique S said...

Very nice fabric, very nice stitching and finishing. Wow.