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Monday, April 6, 2009

Biscornu from Monique S

I received my biscornu today from Monique S.

Monique stitched me a beautiful biscornu that's green on one side and blue on the other with little wooden matching buttons tying it all together. She also personalized it with the exchange and our locations on the blue side and can you see our initials on the green side?? Monique also included a post card, a skein of variegated floss, a piece of ribbon and fabric and the cutest little clothespin with the flower & ladybug!

Thanks for the wonderful exchange Monique!!



Monique S said...

Hello Nicole :-)
It was a big pleasure for me to stitch this biscornu for you. I am happy that you like it.
It's always a challenge to find the "right" pattern matching the likes of someone you don't know, and you never can be sure of it ... ;-) - but that IS the fun - that's why we take part in these kind of exchanges.

:-) Hugs, Monique S

drea_dear said...

LOL, I looked and looked for the initials. Duh! So pretty, great work Monique!

Monique S said...

@drea dear
Did you find them ?? :-)
On the pic, north and south ..
If you like these kind of patterns, go and give a look at Aurelle's blog (http://aurelle.over-blog.com/) - she does wonderful charts :-)

Cole said...

I love it Monique! I'm wondering how long it would've taken me to see our initials on the green side if you hadn't noted it on the card?? I'm still totally in awe of the beautiful creations being shared piece by piece, and am so glad to belong to such a wonderful group!!

Yoyo said...

Nice design. Aurelle has so many to chose from and they are all lovely. Very pretty.