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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sharon, Thank you for your support: Iam ok!

Hi Girls!

I hope everything is ok! I was very worried and a litlle bit depressed, thinking in the results of my biopsy. Thanks God, everything all this mounths waiting was just a nightmare.

Finally the results came and is negative: i dont need to be afraid anymore...but i dont know where my nails are:-)

So, i would like to ask you, ladies, please take care about your breasts, touching frequently and dont be afraid if you wanna ask something to you Dr.

In May i will be back to update my blog and for our exchanges if you dont mind, ok?

Nice Easter and Hugs


drea_dear said...

Glad the results were negative. Take care of yourself and get better!

Lori said...

thank goodness!! I was so worried..I had had the sterotactic breast biopsy back in Oct...what a nightmare!! my results came back good too, just calcium deposits!! thinking good thoughts and healing hugs for you!!
come back when you can!

amanda said...

big hugs to you
happy to know results are negative
waiting for you back in may
happy easter

SGVChicago said...

The most wonderful news. Please join "The Army of Women"....it is so important for all of us to band together to help. There is no money involved. It is a research site to help determine risk factors to track the cause!


Stacy said...

That's wonderful news! I can't imagine how scared you must have been. Feel better....