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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Biscornu Received

Hi Everyone,

I received a beautifully stitched Biscornu from Andrea. I loved the colors she chose. Andrea also sent me a piece of her coffee/tea dyed fabric that I will definitely enjoy using in another project.

Thank you very much Andrea!



Bonnie said...

Really love those colors

Berit said...

I agree with bonnie; the colour choice really gives it a feel about it that I haven't seen often: Striking and Distinguished, somehow. Yet not loud.

Wouldn't match my house much, but--who cares, right? :P

Are they silk threads? (I'm such a newbie, I still can't tell!)

drea_dear said...

Nope, they're DMC! Thanks for the compliments - Dawn doesn't have a blog, so I chose colors out of my stash, and it ended up with quite a bit of my personality in it. Pattern is from The Floss Box (freebie - biscornu #11). I'm so glad you like it!