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Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Apology to All!

I just want to quickly post an apology to all our members. I have been unavailable for the last several weeks because of work and some family matters that have required all my time and attention for the past few weeks. I had hoped everything would be resolved quickly but that has not been the case and it has dragged on longer than expected. I am now trying to go back through emails and posts to get everything up to date. As soon as I get the current exchange status figured out, I will announce the next exchange sign-ups - I'm figuring on Monday or Tuesday. Again, I am so sorry - I will try to make it up to everyone - and thanks so much for your patience!

Sharon M


tintocktap said...

Can't be helped, Sahron, sometimes real life just gets in the way! Glad to see you back and hope everything is sorting itself out!

Ronel said...

Hi Sharon! Hope all is ok now. Hang in there! Can’t wait for the next exchange!

drea_dear said...

Thanks for stopping in, Sharon. We seem to be rolling along smoothly! I hope for a calm and uneventful spring for you!

Berit said...

Don't worry about us; we have been playing nicely on our own. :)

We have missed you, however! I'm just so glad to hear that you are well!! Don't worry about replying to my email--in the end I figured it out on my own like a big girl, lol!

P.S. I am also feeling happy that a new exchange is coming up!

Stacy said...

Hi Sharon! I really hope everything is okay... we all know that there is life other than stitching and exchanges (gasp, I know....) Family first! Please take care of yourself. We missed you of course but we are all doing well here....


Theresa said...

Dear Sharon,
Don't worry about us!!! Family comes first!!!
I hope everything you are going through right now will resolve in a good ending. Take care!!!


Cole said...

You have to take care of you and yours before you can do anything else. I hope everything is going in the right direction for you now!

amanda said...

hope everything fine now
take good care of you and your family
we are always here

Fiona said...

Happy that all is well Sharon - and looking forward to the next exchange!! Fiona x

Lynn said...

As much as we like giving ourselves ALL our time..Family is always more important no matter what! Do what you need to do for your family first! WE will wait patiently..sm