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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ladies, Some Advice Please?

Hello, everyone!

I have made a beautiful (IMHO) biscornu for one of you special ladies, BUT...

When I took it to the post yesterday, the postmaster detected a problem with the direction: the "town/city" name is one thing, but the zipcode shows as being another city in the USPS records. He advised me to double check the address before mailing it out.

So, I sent a quick email to our dear Mod Sharon to ask her to check the direction, yet today there is no reply, and I have noticed that her blog has been quiet regarding new updates this month. SO, as she is probably quite busy lately (I do hope all is well), I thought I would ask you:

If you were my partner, would you want me to reveal my identity to verify your address? I am so excited to get this sent out, and was so sorry to have to bring it home with me from the P.O. yesterday.


P.S. The person who will receive my biscornu lives in the US, and the one that she made for someone has already been received and posted about here on the TTE blog.


Eileen said...

Hi ask Sharon for the right address its her that tells us who to post to.

drea_dear said...

Try going to the USPS website and do a search to check other zip codes for the city. Most likely the city is correct, but the zip code numbers are transposed. I know that I had accidentally transposed mine on the first exchange, and it arrived just fine.

We've moved a lot, and one time we received a piece of mail that had parts of 3 different addresses - correct street, 2-moves-old city, 1-move-old zip. It still found us. I have a lot of faith in the USPS!


Aury said...

Just in case this is for me (I fit your description)
I live in a suburb but share the zip code with the city, sometimes it doesn't show my town :S if it's for me and the city that shows the zip code is Cleveland it will arrive safely!!

Honeybee said...

You could try going to www.whitepages.com and do a people search for your person. If your partner has a phone # that would be listed in a phone book, the address (complete with zip code) would most likely also be listed as well. You would just need her name, city and state.

Berit said...

Ladies, thank you for you tips and advice: using this info you have given, I now feel that I can mail my Biscornu with no worries. :D

Yoyo said...

I was think you could contact the person who said she received FROM your partner and see if she may have written down the return address...I usually do that maybe others do as well.

Berit said...

Yoyo, how CLEVER! I really should have thought of that to begin with! Thanks!