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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scissor fob from Mare

Hi all! I rec'd a scissor fob from Mare this past week. Thank you sooo much for stitching this wonderful fob for me.


Fiona said...

Wow - is this late from the previous exchange or very early for the next one?? It is very nice!

stitchhappy said...

Mare, thanks so much for being an "angel" stitcher on the scissors fob exchange for Karen - it is very beautiful!!!!
Sharon M

Karen said...

Mare stitched it for me since there was some confusion in the fob exchange. it is really cute and it seemed to attach itself immediately to a pair of scissors. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

So glad you liked it. I was chatting with Sharon and when she told me that you had not gotten your fob & I was happy lend my needle. My first fob partner got hers long ago. I didn't realized that I should have done it on even weave or linen for this group so my bad. I stitch on anything and love doing blackwork on aida so I hope you don't mind that I used a piece on my hand dyed aida.

Karen said...

Mare, thank you sooo much! I love anything that is stitched for me no matter the fabric!! it's the love put into it!!! :)

Yoyo said...

What a pretty fob. I love black work -- and I too find it easier to stitch on Aida. My first fob went missing in the mail and I sent a second so I'm really glad if there was some confusion that you finally got a fob. I know how I felt and I wasn't even on the receiving end.

And that missing fob has still never turned up...I hope whoever opened the package is enjoying their new fob -- with my partner's name bolding displayed!