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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Got my biscornu

The postman has just delivered my biscornu from Nicole. It is gorgeous with lots of lovely beads around the edge. Nicole stitched this without realising that I have a scissor fetish. LOL. She also sent me skeins of the colours used to stitch it all tied neatly with some ribbon, and a lovely card. Thank you so much for my biscornu, Nicole. You couldn't have picked a more perfect one to stitch for me.


Berit said...

What a fun design! Definitely on my to-stitch list! It's one of Sharon M's, right? I like the beads, too.

amanda said...

all the biscornu are marvellous
all fantastic
really a good job

Monique S said...

This IS one of our Sharon's patterns !! It is SO nice, and so right for a scissor-lover. Nicole did a good job on this. Very very nice.

Yoyo said...

Well it is really nice that the design matches your taste, I think that is so cool to "accidentally" get something that is perfect for you. This is lovely.