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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have received my biscornu.

It is nice, beautiful treasure. It was made by Jessica (http://stitchstitchknot.blogspot.com/)

The biscornu is very small as you can see, and it is stitch 1x1. Pattern is from http://www.theflassbox.com/ - Cupcake Biscornu.

Jessica thank you very much for lovely present :-)


Berit said...

I wish the photo were bigger--it's hard to see it! Stitching over 1 is amazing!

Cole said...

It's so tiny, very sweet!!

Yoyo said...

Oh how sweet. I made a little one like that for the scissors fob exchange and I actually found it harder to make than the larger ones most of us did for biscornu. But I loved it!

Bloggers, if you click on the link above the picture it links to several larger pictures.