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Monday, April 27, 2009

the anticipication was killing me

I finally received my biscornu and I hear it travelled quite a way (heehee). thank you Fiona for the wonderful package. This was my first exchange on TTE and was quite a treat and it was also her first biscornu made but not her last I hear. Beautiful colors and I love it. I was very happy with it all, bag, thread, bookmark and chocolates mmmm.
thank you again and I am almost ready to mail, for the next exchange.


Berit said...

Hi Vivian! Love this Biscornu you got! You must be so pleased, Fiona did a gorgeous job!

Just a reminder, if you are talking about being almost finished with your floss tag--Wow! You are "greased lightning!" But, please hold off a bit on mailing, if you can. The deadline for mailing isn't until June 9th, and the rules show that packages aren't supposed to be mailed until 1 week before! I think Sharon picked it this way so that everyone will receive their Biscornu around the same time. ;) Unless it's going really far...I'm not sure, in that case.

Fiona said...

So pleased you are happy with your "tiny treasure" Vivian! And so pleased it finally arrived! I am still waiting for mine so I apologise if the person who sent it thinks I am being a bit slow in thanking them! Fingers crossed it will arrive soon! xx