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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello must mean annoyance times air make, I waits still on my Biscornuwichtel.never announced themselves up to now and sharon unfortunately up to now also more, would have gladly further gone through however I too sadly over it perhaps is cannot their me understand. greeting sabine from germany


Berit said...

I'm completely confused by this post. Are you saying that you still have not received your biscornu in the mail, do not know who is supposed to be sending it, and have not gotten an answer from Sharon M. regarding the problem?

Also, you are sad and giving up on being part of the group?

(This is--sort of--what I guessed you were saying with this post. Is that it?)

If so, you shouldn't worry too much, I am sorry for your disappointment, and Sharon would be too, but has been very busy with a death of a close friend lately. If your partner really has disappeared, I am sure one of us will be glad to make another biscornu and send it to you! We don't want anyone to be left out!

But, it is more likely that it has simply been lost in the mail. :( In that case, the giver will probably make another one for you!

Fiona said...

Don't worry Sabine - I haven't received mine either - I wait patiently, patiently!! Fiona x

Myra said...

Yes Sabine, I am not sure I understand either but I am thinking you meant what Berit wrote. Please don't give up yet. I know I will be happy to step in if someone doesn't receive theirs. Please email Sharon again and don't give up on this group yet.

vivian said...

I will be happy to be an stitching angel for any missing biscornu also. Contact me if you need one. Please don't give up, I just received mine. it was mailed only to be been returned to my partner, and mailed again. Well worth the wait. vivian