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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Biscornu exchange

Here is my finished Easter biscornu for my partner! it is one of the free patterns from Sharon M's Xshappy.com ! so happy to use her pattern and to send it to my partner! it was fun stitching!
Lori K

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mail Problems

I mailed my exchange out on Jan 13th. It is now past 6 weeks and apparently it has not yet arrived. I think it is time for me to 1) contact my partner 2) confirm the address and 3) make and mail a new piece. Opinions????

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scissors Fob From AnaLuisa!

Hello, all!

Here is a long-overdue photo of the VERY charming fob I received from Ana Luisa in Portugal!!

This is her first Scissors Fob finish, but she did such a great job! I was so happy to get this, as it came in on a very hard day for me and cheered me up so much. Don't you love the charming orange and gold bag it came packed in?

P.S. To the person who drew my name for this biscornu exchange we are beginning--I began a stitching blog a few days ago and will be posting up some of my finishes as well as my likes/dislikes in the coming days; with luck this might be helpful to you! Aluisa had to make do with a (probably) confusing and (definitely) rambly typed description. What a great job she did, though!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank you Jeanie for the all!

I love the draw, the Singapore souvenir, everything, especially because i love the color you choose for me: pink is my favourite colour.Thats why iam posting pics with others pink stuff`s! And iam sorry because i didnt put this post before. I know is one of the rules post pics after receiving the package! Please, forgive me!

p.s. I dont know why but iam having problems to post pics here.I will try later.

Happy New Year for Everybody and my apologize for Karen

I would like to say to all and especially for Karen iam sorry for what happen on Scissors exchange. I didnt pay attention on deadlines because of the hard moment that iam living and i dindnt listen the worker of the posts about sending food (Chocolate in this case).
I understand if everybody are disapointed with me but i would like to say that this will not happen again if the group decid that i can still part of this group.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My scissors Fob

Hello, my scissors fob arrive!!!
It's soo beautiful!!I love it!!
Tkank you Berit!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

where's my fob ??

No news from my partner whether she has received my fob or not :(

It was sent 19 Jan ! Nothing posted on her blog too.


First Exchange

I'm excited to be a part of my first exchange and am very happily stitching my biscornu for my exchange partner. It is so lovely to be a part of an international stitching group and I am enjoying all your blogs and comments. Thanks for including me! Fiona x

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Biscornu Exchange is Underway!

Exchange partner information was emailed out this evening. If anyone that signed up didn't get an email with the name and address of the person they will be stitching for this time, please email me so I can re-send it.

If you do not have a blog, please post an entry here on the Tiny Treasures Exchange blog letting us know your preferences, likes, dislikes, color choices, etc. Or, if you prefer, you may email the info to me and I will pass it along to your partner.

Please take time to review our guidelines before you begin stitching.

Thanks to everyone participating in this exchange, and if you aren't joining in this one - we hope to catch you on the next one!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you Lynn

Today I received my scissors fob from Lynn. It is beautiful, and it is really treasure (especially with this gold tread).

Lynn sent me also threads in pretty colour, my daughter admired – she planed what should I stitch :-)

Lynn thank you once more, and I am happy that I take party in this exchange.

Hello, here I am . . .


my name is conny and I'm looking forward für the first exchange - biscornu - here.
I live in the south of germany with my family.
My hobbies are crossstich, quilting, sewing and knitting.
I'm very happy to be with you .

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank you Aury!

L@@K at the beautiful scissor fob and pin keep I got. Thank you so much Aury!!! I just got it tonight as it was delivered to the apartment manager. Apparently packages that don't fit in our mail and if there is no available box get delivered to the apartment manager who leaves it in the office. I am so happy!!! It is just beautiful and you are such a wonderful stitcher!

Quick Reminders!

The Biscornu Exchange sign-ups will be ending very soon. If you are interested in this exchange please email me so I can get you added to the list. If you have already signed up, please check the Biscornu Exchange Participants list in the right sidebar of the blog to make sure I have entered your name on the list - I don't want to miss anyone.

If anyone has received their scissors fob and not posted about it here on the blog, please do so now. Please post a photo as well. If you are unable to post a photo, let me know and I will see if your sender can do so for you. I think at least a couple of the fobs may have been received but not yet acknowledged here on the blog although they may have notified the sender by email. I know everyone gets busy but we still have some anxious senders awaiting news that their packages have been delivered. Please don't forget to post the photos - that is half the fun and the part that everyone gets to enjoy - seeing the great variety of designs and finishes! As Monique S has said, it is Fobomania!

Sharon M

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gaby's Tiny Treasures Exchange

Here are the promised pictures of the wonderful scissorsfob I got from Gaby. Isn't it just adorable? And I love how she finished it with these cute little beads matching the colors of the design.

The front:

The back:

And all the goodies together:

Gaby, thank you so much!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

I just unpacked my scissors fob.....

....and it is beautiful. It was in the mail when I came home from work half an hour ago. I am going to post a picture later tonight. I just wanted to let you know because Gaby is already worrying...

Scissor Fob for Jeanie

I heard from Jeanie that my exchange package for her arrived but her camera is being serviced so I'm uploading the photos I took before mailing. Maybe Jeanie can publish better ones when she gets her camera back!
I stitched the fob using the colors of the scissors and personalized the back with our initials and the year. It was fun stitching for you, Jeanie! I hope you'll enjoy your new scissors and fob!

I can't understand...

...because I was told in the post office that it will take 5 work days to arrive to destination!
There's a month past next 14th!!! Were is the fob I sent to my Secret Friend?!
I'm worried and really sad because I've make it carefully and pleasantly!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My fob???

I am starting to get worried, hasn´t my fob arrived yet?? Three other exchanges I sent the same time, arrived early last week...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

15 Sided Biscornu

Since we are doing biscornus this time, I thought I would pass along this link. I ran across this yesterday and thought I would share. In fact, I believe she is a member of Tiny Treasures!


Friday, February 6, 2009

My fob from Malinda is ....

here and it is amazing - wonderful - fabulous!!

She stitched the Dragon of Water from Jennifer Aikman-Smith's Elemental Dragons series. Over one on a gorgeous 28-count fabric from Silkweaver.

It's tiny, blue and sparkly from the Kreinik. What more could a fan of dragons and the colour blue ask for?

Many, many thanks, Malinda!


I have an idea :)

Looking all these wonderful fobs ... I have had an idea. In my opinion a very good idea. LOL :) A brillant idea, indeed. LOL
For the next round of fobs, there will be only one "receiver" (me, of course) ... :)
OK, I understand if you don't like my idea.
But , at least , I tried ... LOL

No, really, this is gorgeous.
There are beautiful fobs, wonderful fobs, astonishing fobs, great fobs, coloured fobs, tiny fobs, monochrome fobs, bigger fobs, flat fobs, small fobs, and, such different finishings and so many styles ... this is the real fobomania !!!
I love them all ! :-)
There should be a new science for this : fobology !!!!

I am glad I joined in this group.
Monique S

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scissors Fob from Jean

My scissors fob from Jean has arrived! It is soooo cute and I have a pair of scissors that will be a perfect match for it! This cute little Quaker Hedgehog design from the Workbasket has been on my "to do" list for quite a while so I am especially pleased to have it not only stitched but finished into my favorite thing - a scissors fob! Jean tells me this is the first fob she's ever made - I certainly hope it won't be her last because she did a great job on it - the button in the corner was a really nice touch, too! She also sent along a skein of Carrie's Creation hand dyed floss which I am already planning to use for an upcoming project! Thanks so much for everything, Jean - I just love it!!!

Another new member

I have been lucky enough to join you ladies here and am looking forward to doing my first exchange with you. It will also be a learning curve for me with a blog ;-) I did make one for myself but haven't been brave enough to post to it. Maybe this will get me going. I'm in Scotland (freezing), but am originally from Australia where they are all very warm. Look forward to getting to know everyone through the fun exchanges.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fob from Bine!

This is the wonderful treasure I received today. The lovely stitcher is Bine. A beautifully finished design freebie from drawn thread. Bine also included a journal and a magnet.
Thank you Bine!!! I love it!



My name is Svetlana, I'm 24. I'm a newcomer here and looking forward a new exchange. :) My blog at blogspot is in Russian (my native language) but if you want, you can come and write in English or other language. Welcome!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fob Arrived!

Yesterday I received my fob from Rochelle. It's the Chili Pepper Fob from the Sweetheart Tree.

Thank you so much Rochelle! I love it. :)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Audrone (nick - Varle keliauninke). I took cross stitching as a hobby when I was a little girl. Now I have a litlle daughter myself and stitch everyminute when she sleeps or plays with her toys :) It's great to join Tiny Treasures Exchange blog! I can't wait to stitch my first needlework for one of you.

Thank you, Gillie :)

I have been offline for a few days so apologise for not letting you know sooner! I received my lovely fob from you last Thursday. Congratulations on a wonderful first attempt - I have a pair of purple handled scissors that will suit it perfectly :)

Thank you again!

I got mail!!

I received my scissor fob from Nita in the mail today. It's absolutely beautiful!

A beautiful basket of flowers on one side and it's personalized with a "N" on the other side. She included a card and some Mill Hill beads, which have already been assigned a project :)

Thank you Nita!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My fob has arrived!

Thank you so much, Mare! It's beautiful, and so delicate. She finished it as a biscornu (so now I have a sample when reading tutorials!), and included some of her beautiful pins - 2 little delicate pink roses. This will look so cute on my new scissors! The back side has a design in sparkly threads, but this picture shows the pins better. I'm going to put more pics on my blog. Thank you, Mare!
Hello all,Iam Sabine ,44,live in germany.
I love the small thinks to stitch,
my other hobbys are patchwork and socks knitting.
I m very glad to be here.

Sabine from germany

Siccor fob arrrived today

Hello all

Today i have got a great siccor fob from Cynthia.
It's a small one and i really like it alot.
The fabric has a shine to it.
here is the pic.
I also got a great coaster.
Thanks Cynthia for this great exchange see you in the next one.
Greetings Monique

Received my fob!

I received a most beautiful fob (and scissors, too!) from Monique today. The pic does not do it justice. It has the sweetest little buttons and a scissors charm. Thank-you so much, Monique!

And on to the biscornu exchange!


Fantastic fob!

I received a package this morning with the most beautiful fob! It was from Karen in the US. The fob is absolutely lovely, delicately stitched over one with overdyed floss. And as you can see on the picture, I got the scissors as well!

Tiny Treasures Exchange 2

I love the fob colours! They almost match the ones I chose to stitch my fob! Karen, how did you know?!

Tiny Treasures Exchange 1

Thank you so much, Karen!

Just Joined!

Hi everyone!!! I'm so excited to have found this group. I just joined last night. I'm pretty new to exchanges but stitching and finishing smalls is a passion of mine. LOVE THEM! How cool that this is an exchange just for some of my favorite things! Anyway, thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to stitching a biscornu for one of you! My blog is at http://stacybinnj.wordpress.com/ if you guys want to learn more about me.