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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scissors Fob From AnaLuisa!

Hello, all!

Here is a long-overdue photo of the VERY charming fob I received from Ana Luisa in Portugal!!

This is her first Scissors Fob finish, but she did such a great job! I was so happy to get this, as it came in on a very hard day for me and cheered me up so much. Don't you love the charming orange and gold bag it came packed in?

P.S. To the person who drew my name for this biscornu exchange we are beginning--I began a stitching blog a few days ago and will be posting up some of my finishes as well as my likes/dislikes in the coming days; with luck this might be helpful to you! Aluisa had to make do with a (probably) confusing and (definitely) rambly typed description. What a great job she did, though!


Fiona said...

Hi Berit - can you let us know what your blog site is so we can check it out? thanks, Fiona

Berit said...

Well, sure. :D

It is here:

But it is still really bare bones. I should have probably finished adding images before mentioning it. I have other blogs, but none on blogger/blogspot, so I am still figuring out how to get it to do stuff for me!

Monique S said...

What a beautiful fob.
The colours and finishing are so elegant :-)

SGVChicago said...

Let me know when your Blog is up because I am your partner!!!
Have a great pattern and just want to see your colors!