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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank you Aury!

L@@K at the beautiful scissor fob and pin keep I got. Thank you so much Aury!!! I just got it tonight as it was delivered to the apartment manager. Apparently packages that don't fit in our mail and if there is no available box get delivered to the apartment manager who leaves it in the office. I am so happy!!! It is just beautiful and you are such a wonderful stitcher!


Aury said...

I'm really relieve knowing that you received it!! Glad that you like it :D


Anonymous said...

It is AWESOME! Thanks so much.

Monique S said...

wow, what a nice fob !!!
Bravo to Aury and congrats to Jenna !!! =)
@ Jeanna
If you look for a place keeping this nicie for you --- just drop me a line. :)