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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank you Jeanie for the all!

I love the draw, the Singapore souvenir, everything, especially because i love the color you choose for me: pink is my favourite colour.Thats why iam posting pics with others pink stuff`s! And iam sorry because i didnt put this post before. I know is one of the rules post pics after receiving the package! Please, forgive me!

p.s. I dont know why but iam having problems to post pics here.I will try later.


stitchhappy said...

Jeanie, the fob you stitched for AmarĂ­lis is very pretty! I know she loves it!
Sharon M

Monique S said...

Another beautiful fob :-)
The colours match the pattern at its best (even better than the usual blue ...)
Bravo to Jeanie and congrats to Amarilis :-)