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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello, here I am . . .


my name is conny and I'm looking forward für the first exchange - biscornu - here.
I live in the south of germany with my family.
My hobbies are crossstich, quilting, sewing and knitting.
I'm very happy to be with you .


Ronel said...
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SGVChicago said...

Welcome to the Group!

drea_dear said...

Welcome, Conny!

Lynn said...

Welcome to the group Conny! Hope you have a great amount of fun in the exchanges! You live in a beautiful country. I have a good friend who traveled over there and has shown me many pictures.

Countrybine said...

Hallo Conny grüsse aus NRW RUhrpott,wir kennen uns aus diversen gruppen.Schön dichnhier zu finden..

GLG Sabine

amanda said...

welcome to the group
hope you will enjoy your time here

Monique S said...

@ Conny
Welcome =)

@ Countrybine (Sabine)
Would be great you were speaking in the common language of this blog - would be easier/politer for everybody here.