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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank you, Gillie :)

I have been offline for a few days so apologise for not letting you know sooner! I received my lovely fob from you last Thursday. Congratulations on a wonderful first attempt - I have a pair of purple handled scissors that will suit it perfectly :)

Thank you again!


stitchhappy said...

Mel, I bet your fob looks great on your purple scissors! Gillie, it looks wonderful! That is one of my favorite Drawn Thread designs - it always looks so pretty!

Gillie said...

Mel, I want to cry! I was so unsatisfied with the last bit of stitching but I was late and needed to get it to you. Thank you so much for the beautiful photograph, the "props" improve it enormously!

Yoyo said...

Another first attempt that looks stunning. This will be great with purple scissors!