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Friday, February 27, 2009

Mail Problems

I mailed my exchange out on Jan 13th. It is now past 6 weeks and apparently it has not yet arrived. I think it is time for me to 1) contact my partner 2) confirm the address and 3) make and mail a new piece. Opinions????


drea_dear said...

Option 4 is e-mail Sharon and ask her to contact the recipient - there have been a couple of people who forgot to post when their fob was received, so hopefully this is all that happened. The post office can overcome most address problems (I accidentally gave Sharon the wrong zip code), but you're right 6 weeks is a long time.

Svetta said...

I have not received a gift from the contact and my contact had no letter from me - it is long-Europe-America!

Fiona said...

First point of contact - Sharon.
Next point of contact - pray!

Cenoura said...

I'm in the same situation!
I've sent the piece I've done in the same day and I have no news from my "Secret Friend"... and she never come in here again, as far as I know.

5horizons said...

I also think you should contact Sharon. I haven't received the fob and I've already lost hope of geting it. I'm just hoping the next exchange will have a happy ending :)