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Friday, February 6, 2009

I have an idea :)

Looking all these wonderful fobs ... I have had an idea. In my opinion a very good idea. LOL :) A brillant idea, indeed. LOL
For the next round of fobs, there will be only one "receiver" (me, of course) ... :)
OK, I understand if you don't like my idea.
But , at least , I tried ... LOL

No, really, this is gorgeous.
There are beautiful fobs, wonderful fobs, astonishing fobs, great fobs, coloured fobs, tiny fobs, monochrome fobs, bigger fobs, flat fobs, small fobs, and, such different finishings and so many styles ... this is the real fobomania !!!
I love them all ! :-)
There should be a new science for this : fobology !!!!

I am glad I joined in this group.
Monique S


Jessica said...

Ha ha! Of course, you do know that if we each send you a fob, you have to make one for each of us too! ;)

I agree, it is fantastic. I'm having a great time too.

drea_dear said...

LOL Monique - it would be difficult for you to receive them all, because I want them!

I'm glad to have joined such a talented group!

Monique S said...

OK, LOL I guess it's best to let things like they are :)

@ Jessica
100 fobs to stitch would be much too much (but the idea of having that much is captivating, still ) LOL

@ drea_dear
I was first presenting this idea ! :) So .. LOL

No, it's wonderful how it is :)
Let us admire the pics and be happy for everybody who receives what her desire was, that should be enough for us all. :)

stitchhappy said...

Intriguing idea, my friend!
Sharon M

Yoyo said...

I agree with Jessica, it's a great idea, but you'll have to do one for each of us (LOL). Thanks for this group, Sharon, it really is lots of fun. I love all the ideas I'm getting and seeing the beautiful items of all these talented stitchers is just terrific.

Gillie said...

Just read Monique's comment, love it! But remember, your mum always said you have to share (with me)! This really is a great exchange and very good for me - I'm forced to finish something!

Monique S said...

@ Gillie

:) Yes, I remember my mother's sayings ... :) And i would like to share !!!!
I share my ideas with you and you share your stitchings with me ... isn't that a good trade ?