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Friday, February 6, 2009

My fob from Malinda is ....

here and it is amazing - wonderful - fabulous!!

She stitched the Dragon of Water from Jennifer Aikman-Smith's Elemental Dragons series. Over one on a gorgeous 28-count fabric from Silkweaver.

It's tiny, blue and sparkly from the Kreinik. What more could a fan of dragons and the colour blue ask for?

Many, many thanks, Malinda!



Yoyo said...

Goodness! I love that design. You lucky girl.

Carol R said...

No picture?

Monique S said...

Aaaaah, dragon ... where ??
Wanna see picture ! :-)

Kit said...

CarolR and Monique S - I don't have access to a digital camera for now. It totally sucks wide. You can find the pattern at Dragon Dreams (along with the other designs in the "set") at http://dragondreams.accra.ca/Sample_Charts.html

Monique S said...

Maybe Malinda has a picture to sent to Sharon ??
She could post the pic ... maybe

(I know the chart but would like to see the stitching :) )