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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worth The Wait

I know some of you are aware the troubles Aury & I had with communication and postal problems. But, I must say, it was worth the wait. She stitched me this beautiful floss ring and attached a skein of gorgeous colored thread. She was very patient through the process and I feel relieved all has been worked out and SO WORTH IT! This design looks exactly like something I would have stitched for myself. I received the package last week but left to go on vacation and only returned last night. I wanted to make sure everyone got to see the work she put into it. Thanks, Aury!


Nita said...

Wow - that is so pretty! Aury - you did some very pretty stitching. Renee - you are very fortunate to have received it. Congrats to both of you!

Berit said...

Very nice, Aury!

I'm "missful" for the days when we could seen great smalls on this blog every other month or so!

I wanna do another exchange--let's go again with scissor fobs, lol!

Cole said...

Very pretty, well worth the wait!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes this is lovely and it is so nice when things work themselves out. Wonderful piece Aury!