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Sunday, August 9, 2009

exchange ideas/floss tag?

I'm still waiting on receiving my floss tag. I have no idea who my partner was so can't contact them to see if it was even mailed? Guess I'm up for whatever everyone decides to do. I love doing exchanges even tho I haven't received on 2 exchanges in the last 2 months in 2 different groups even tho I have sent my completed projects on.
I'll stay in this group and see what happens? I think one suggestion would be to designate whether you'd like to ship over seas or not. It seems there in lies much of the problems in mailings? Think about having one exchange but 2 groups for mailing IN the U.S. and those who would like to mail OUT of the U.S.? Plus shipping costs are getting so out of hand for shipping out of the U.S. as well...Just a thought?
Hope all are having a great weekend tho?
Lynn S. in Mn.


AudronÄ— said...

I always send my gifts with registered letters and I havn't had any mailling problems. Of course such letters cost more, but it's worse to spend a litlle bit more money :)

Estrella said...

I do the same that Audrone so I can´t explain why my partner don´t search the number of the letter in the mail... when I send my letter in one week I am searching if my partner have the exchange or not..... Really I can´t explain... ah, I haven´t received my exchange... and I feel a little bit sad....