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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey Conny, April, Rhea, Vivian, Karina, Patti A, and Suzette

Hey there Conny, April, Rhea, Vivian, Karina, Patti A, and Suzette:

None of y'all have blogs associated with your name in the membership list, and we really, really need you to respond.

Please respond if you have sent and / or received your floss tag.

If you have not received your floss tag, please include your name and mailing address in your response to me at my email below. We have several angels who have offered to stitch a tag for you if your original partner cannot meet their commitment.

If you have sent your floss tag, but don’t know if it was received, please, if at all possible, copy the contents of the email from Sharon when she sent you your partner’s info. Since I am not the owner of the Tiny Treasures Exchange Blog, I don’t have access to all of the info Sharon has.

Please do respond so that we may close out this exchange and move on to another one.

Thanks for your help!

You can contact me at jcbsleep at yahoo dot com


Eileen said...

Hi I left a message on conny's blog , well the one thats linked with her name on the members list although it is all in German she must be able to speak English to have joined this group, but as yet no reply Conny was my partner and I had no message from her saying she got my exchange, sorry but I don't have her address after I sent to her a deleted it as I thought if there was any trouble Sharon would have her details. Maybe if we give all the ladies who aren't answering ,say, 2 weeks to reply, and then start up another exchange. I don't think we should stitch any thing for any of the ladies who aren't answering until we hear from them. I am willing to stitch again for Conny if she replys to my message, as I expect every other member would be when we hear from the ladies who are listed on this post.


Myra said...

I sent you an email but I thought I would post as well. I "found" Rhea through another group I am in and she did not receive the floss tag I sent. I am putting together another package that will go in the mail on Monday.

Karina said...

I sent email.And still waiting reply from Sharon and April(seems she didn't see my post:() If anybody has April's contact details pls send it to me.