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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't I Feel Stupid!

I had a bad day yesterday and took it out on the blog. Poor Aury has been trying to contact me about the floss tag ring to send to me. This is a lesson from the good Lord to handle things differently. I feel horrible about posting on emotion and immediately sent Aury an email of apology.
I ask for everyone's forgiveness and thankful for the supportive comments I received. We need to pray that Sharon is o.k. and will surface soon. Happy Stitching To All!


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't feel stupid, but proud :-) It takes character to post as you have done here and I am so happy you have decided to stay :-) Hopefully Sharon is okay. I am a bit worried for her.

Jeanie said...

I agree with Jenna :)
Hope Sharon is ok too.

Aury said...

everybody can have a bad day, I just came from the post office your floss tag is on the mail and must reach your home in no more than three days :D

amanda said...

i only can rewrite what others also write.
hope about Sharon is ok

Berit said...