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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hi Ladies, I still havn't heard from sharon. Any ideas what we should do as most of us have got out thread fobs and so are ready for another round. could I suggest we all sign in and say wether we have our thread fobs and who hasn't received yet, then we could sort out, what needs to be restitched etc. Do you all fancy starting another exchange on our own until we hear from Sharon? we could all post what we would like to do next and then see what is the most popular idea and take it from there. I don't mean to take over, but if we don't do something about it soon this group will come to a stand still. Another idea is for some one to open up another blog, and we all move to that one until sharon is ready to run this one again. Would anyone be prepared to do that? Sorry if I come over as bossy I don't mean to, and I'm not offereing to run the blog as I'm not that good on blog sites. Anyway lets hear from you all as to what to do next


SGVChicago said...

Sharon V..Chicago
Received and Sent my Fob.
Would love to do another Exchange.....
I think we should go on as best we can and welcome Sharon when her life circumstances let her return!

drea_dear said...

Eileen, I don't think you're coming across as bossy. Those of us who are "organizer" types hate to see a lull in a successful group. Glad you spoke up.

Andrea H. - Idaho
did not participate in the floss tag exchange (I did the first 2, though) because we were moving, and I'm ready to jump in to another small project. :)

Myra said...

I have really enjoyed this group and have been fortunate to receive everything as expected. I do not know if my partner received her floss tag as I haven't heard anything from her or Sharon and I do not know how to contact her as she doesn't have a blog. I do hope someone takes this up as I would like to continue to participate.

Berit said...

I have received and sent, and think we should continue on.

Wasn't there a poll last time to see what finish we wanted to do? Perhaps we should take the #2 item from last time.

As for leaders, should we nominate/vote on an interim one until Sharon can return?

AudronÄ— said...

I think we don't need to move to another blog, we could open one more blog (as Sharon did with Exchange guidlines, etc.) just for a new poll, members list and so on. When we would send and recieve our gifts we could post our photos in this blog as usually. What do you think?

drea_dear said...

Another option would be to open a group in another format (like a Facebook group) - making a Facebook profile is less work than making a new blog, and would make it easy for us to contact our partners. Just an idea. A Facebook group also would not have the cap of 100 members that blogger imposes. I'm on Facebook much more than I should be, and would be willing to set the group up.

Shebafudge said...

I haven't been able to participate in any swaps so far but really want too so would welcome joining in anything that is set up.

amanda said...

I'd like to go on joining this group me too.
I sent and received fob and floss tag too
for me it is the same going on here or on facebook or in a new blog
waiting for your news

Yoyo said...

I have too many "places" already so I prefer sticking here, no new blogs or face books or anything else. Sharon is obviously having some problem and whatever it is I trust she will be back and happy to know that we all managed to stick together and continue on in her absence.

If you do start another exchange you need someone committed to organizing it and continuing on with it. I don't have a problem with starting a new exchange but I think who ever starts it really needs to accept full responsibility for following through to the end it can be a lot more work than you might thing.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray all is well with Sharon. She is an awesome lady! I am fine staying here and will do an angel tag if one is needed. I hope you can rap up the stragglers on this last exchange and I am grateful for your help Eileen. I'd be happy to join in another exchange here.