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Monday, August 3, 2009

This exchange

I am thinking of dropping from this exchange. I joined it several months ago and was excited about my first exchange with the group, the floss ring tag. I made mine and sent it on to my assigned partner. I have never received mine. I also have sent several emails to Sharon, the moderator, with absolutely no response. I really like what you other ladies received and am glad it has worked out well with you. I feel disappointed in this exchange.


Aury said...

Renee I sent your floss tag in two occasions, the first time got lost in the mail and the second was returned with the stamp of undeliverable.

I wrote you a comment in this blog when you posted telling us that you never receive your tag, telling you that I will stitch a new one and send it as soon as possible. I posted again when I sent the second tag with the picture on it, and this week I wrote a comment in your blog asking you for your address but I had not receive any answer from your part. I'm so sorry that you feel the way that you feel but I need your correct address. I hope that you read this comment so I can send again your floss tag


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Aury said she needs your address again. I hope you continue with the group. This group is awesome. Mail issues just happen sometimes. I had mail issues in receiving an exchange from a different group. I did get mine almost two exchanges later. It was not my partners fault at all. The first was lost in the post and my poor partner had to stitch a replacement. Just received it today and it is gorgeous! Hang in there. I understand it how post delays can get you down. This group is awesome don't let this keep you from more great future exchanges.
~ Jenna

Eileen said...

Hi I love this group but am wondering what has happened to Sharon I emailed her weeks ago with no reply. We can't go ahead with another exchange until sharon answers. So lets hope she gets in touch soon.

Aury said...

I'm worried for Sharon too. Something must be happened because she always answer her emails in timely manner.

Anonymous said...

I sent her an email last night. I really hope she is ok.