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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have You Received or Sent a Floss Tag?

First - I pray everything is OK with Sharon. I know you all share my concern that she is out of contact with us. If anyone hears from her, please post that you have, just to relieve our minds.

I spent some time going through all the posts tonight. I'm not posting to embarrass anyone, but out of a sincere desire to help. Please do not take offense. These are the exchanges that seem to still have difficulties:

I saw that both Aury and Renee had posted and that they are in communication with each other, so I expect that will soon be resolved. Others may have posted that they are resolving the difficulty - if I missed it, I do apologize.

The ? ? around some names are referring to members who posted that they had sent to another member, but that member has not posted that they received (please, I may have missed your post - don't be upset if you did post that you received - just correct me). Names without ? ? have posts that indicated the floss tag was received.

So, here is what I propose:

If your name is not on this list, it's because I was able to find a post that said that the floss tag you sent was received and that you had received a floss tag.

If your name is on the list and you have received a floss tag, simply leave a comment on this post, and I'll update the list.

If you have not received a floss tag, please contact me and I'll try to make sure you get one. Please include your mailing address in your e-mail to me.

If you sent a floss tag and don't know if it has been received, please post who you sent it to. I'll try to contact the member and verify that they received it.

If your name is not on this list and it should be - please contact me.

If you sent a floss tag as a replacement to someone you were not originally partnered with (an angel floss tag), it would help if I knew that too. Please contact me with the details.

How can you contact me? E-mail me at jcbsleep at yahoo.com (replace the at with an @).

Once again, I simply want to help everyone receive the floss tag they signed up for.


Ronel said...

Nita, thanks for taking this and sorting it out. It is much appreciated. Regards Ronel

Aury said...

Hi Nita, Renee received her floss tag on Friday, she sent me a confirmation email about her receiving it but didn't publish anything here :S

Svetta said...

I will send you a letter

Cole said...

Wow, great work Nita, it must have been quite a job sorting through the posts.

Theresa said...

It's so nice of you taking time sorting this through!!! Thanks for doing this!!

Ann said...

Well done Nita, it's very kind of you to do this for everyone, I would have got so muddled trying to sort it all out!

Myra said...

Nita, thank you for doing this. I really feel badly for those that haven't received anything. I sent my tag to Rhea Coles. I did contact Sharon to have her check to see if Rhea had received it as I haven't heard anything from Rhea. If you find she didn't receive it, I will happily stitch another one for her.

drea_dear said...

So much work! Thanks for doing that! I did not participate in this exchange because I was moving, but if you need an "angel" tag, I can do that - I'll be out of town from Wednesday evening to Saturday, but I'll be able to check my e-mail. Please let me know: andreaholme@clearwire.net


Cole said...

Nita, I tried to email you but it bounced back. If you need an angel stitcher let me know :) nicolespence22 at hotmail dot com

Nita said...

Thanks to all who have responded thus far.
Aury - I've indicated that Renee received her tag - I knew y'all were working it out.
Myra - I will attempt to contact Rhea to confirm for you - Thanks!
Svetta - I received your email and I'm trying to figure out a way to help you - don't give up!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email. I have received my floss tag from April and my floss tag was received by Mary J. If you need any help with anything just let me know
~ Jenna

SGVChicago said...

Thanks....if you need substitute stitchers for the folks who have not received.....I will volunteer to be a sub for someone..sgvchicago@aol.com
Just send me info and I will get one out in a week!
Thanks for the hard work.

Jeanie said...

Thank you Nita ! You're very kind :)

tintocktap said...

Well done Nita for sorting this out! I'm away on holiday at the moment so haven't been able to keep up over the last week. I hadn't received a floss tag when I was last at home. I'll be home again in about 10 days and will catch up with everything then.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I sent mine to Patty & she got it (she blogged about it) so I posted a photo here. And I got mine and also posted here about it.