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Friday, August 21, 2009

so far so good

Hi all, over 20 of you have replyed either to me or on the blog, so far it seems the facebook idea isn't to popular. I have to admit I know nothing about it so can't comment on it. The one thing I like about the blog is the limit of 100 members, I don't think having more than that is a good idea, its to hard to keep a check on them all, and as we have seen on here some members have dropped out, with out even letting us know. I run a Yahoo group so have some experience of bad stitchers and lost stitching etc. One member suggeted that there should be 2 moderators, so if one drops out the other can carry on and will know all the members details etc. If we do this they will have to get on with each other and agree on how to run the group. Someone said about people being away on holiday this month so maybe we should wait till the end of the month to give them a chance to reply. Also the idea to let ech member choose what she wants to stitch may be a good idea, we could put a list on here and then you could pick what you want to stitch for your partner from the list, as some of us aren't happy doing one thing but maybe really good at another thing.
Anyway these are all just ideas, as I said about 20 have replyed but it says we can't take any more members so that could mean there are 100 members (or Sharon could have decided she didn't want any more I don't know) but I think we should wait to get more replys, I might go on some peoples blogs and leave a message there that way we could get more replys.


drea_dear said...

Eileen, it looks like you and Nita have already taken on the roles of co-moderators. ;) Keep posting - I keep checking in to see what's happing.

Eileen said...

I'm not happy just jumping in at the deep end like this, we need to get to know the members, get their details, get their opinions, I'm happy for some else to run the blog but I think there should be a vote on it at least, not just put up a post saying the vote closes etc. I think thats a bit presumptuous of anyone to do that.
anyway just my opinion.