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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Ladies well we don't seem to have got any further with what we are going to do with this group only a few of you are posting and the ones we want answers from aren't posting at all. Could all members post a answer as to what they would like to happen with this group? If you want you can e mail me on meat@theeyrie.fsnet.co.uk and I'll collect all the answers and let you know on this blog what we all vote to do. If you want to do another exchange let me know what it is also. Until all members answer we can't go forward with another exchange. I think its safe to say that the members who haven't answered aren't going to now.
Conny was my partner, and i never heard from her if she got my fob, did anyone receive from Conny? if no one did I'd say she ddoesn't want to be in this group, and the same goes for the other ladies who haven't answered. We can't wait forever for them to answer.
Anyway thats all I can suggest, if you all want to do another exchange e mail me, and I'll gather all the info and post it here so we can all see what we want to do.


drea_dear said...

I would love to do another exchange, I sat the last one out because we were painting our new house and moving.

My vote is for another format, like a Facebook group. People don't have to have a blogger account to participate, and anyone who joins the group can post to it, so we're not limited to only 100 members. I would be willing to set it up. I may anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

I emailed you.

vivian said...

I am moving next month so I will be out of any exchange for a while.
May not be online as much as we are traveling across the country but will try to catch up when I can.

Shebafudge said...

I would like to join in an exchange if something was set up.

Lori said...

Eileen, you know me..I'm game! Love anything small.. ornaments holiday or otherwise, fobs, pinkeeps, needlebooks..etc..

SGVChicago said...

I am still in! Can we regroup and keep the folks who respond to you and just put the others on an "Inactive List" until you hear from them? I have no interest in a facebook group. And yet, it the group as a whole goes that way, I am ok with it.
Sharon V

Cole said...

I would love to do another exchange, maybe a needlebook? Whatever is decided, I'm game :)

Berit said...

I categorically refuse to use facebook, so if this group goes there I'm out.

Why don't you simply announce the next exchange (put a few options, like fob, biscornu, needlebook, pinkeep, etc.) in a randomizer, and go with what it picks? Anyone who wants to do so can then sign up for THAT EXCHANGE, then we can just go from there.

Anonymous said...

Drea sorry I am not into facebook myself but I'm in for another exchange. August is when lots of people go on holiday so it may just be this time of year when everyone is away or busy getting their kids ready for school. I got my tag and my tag was received.

Ronel said...

Hi Eileen, I have mailed you. I'm also not keen on facebook and suggest keep it in a blog. Thanks Ronel

Estrella said...

Hello Eileen, I have not even received my exchange not my partner has appeared anyway I will continue in the group but as a blog not in a Facebook group.

Bonnie said...

I would love to continue with the group. I have had no problems.

5horizons said...

I'd love to take part in another exchange. The randomizer idea is really good - that way we won't have to wait forever again for everyone to vote. Maybe it'll be a smaller group for the exchange this time but at least we'll be doing something :) And, maybe by the time we finish, Sharon will be back and we can regroup on this blog (e.g. delete inactive members, if there are such). I hope we'll be able to organize the next exchange soon.

Mel said...

I would like to continue with the exchanges but can not guarantee I can partcipate in each one. Not to particular about which format we use (facebook or blogger).

amanda said...

no problem for me about facebook,this blog or a new one.
i like to join this group and its exchange for a long time.
hope we can go on
i got all the exchanges and my partners too
i think it is not a good idea decide to post only american people to american ones and the others to others
it is an international group and it is nice sending and receving from other place
i am the only italian woman and my english is not good at all but i like to join this group

waiting for news
i mailed you

april said...

I would be game for another exchange. How about the stitcher choose how to finish the piece. It could be a fob, floss tag, needlebook, biscornu, etc.

April :)

Sabine Rose said...

I would love to do another exchange! I didn't join the last one (I'm not really a floss tag person) but I enjoyed the previous ones very much - especially since I received from my partners and my partners got my items (thank you, post gods all over the world)!

I like the blog format. It has its limits but it's nice.

If there is another exchange, how about publishing online the list of who's sending to who? That way, if someone is dropping out unexpectedly (participant or organiser - it can happen to us all) we could see right away who's not going to send or receive.

It will spoil the surprise a little, but will probably avoid anxious posts after mailing or while waiting for an item.

Yoyo said...

I'm sorry but I do not care to deal with all this controversy. You can put me on the 'no longer a member' list.

(I do not have any outstanding exchanges either to or from, so I'm all up to date.)


Theresa said...

I just saw this and would absolutely love to join the next exchange!!!

FIONA said...

Hi, I am happy to be a part of the next exchange. I have sent and received my projects, although I have had to wait for about 2 months for each one, but good things come to those who wait! I would prefer to keep this within a blog probably. Many thanks for your efforts - most appreciated. has anyone heard from Sharon at all?

Xangles said...

Hi, I would love to continue to be part of this exchange. Thank you for taking the leadership for moving us forward. I'll go with whatever the poll says we stitch next.
fond regards,