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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Switched into an animal, I guess I would be a turtle or even a snail :-)
My stitching is not even half finished and I'm getting a bit nervous now that I already see pics here of finished-and-ready-to-be-send-off-biscornus.
I hope that there are more turtles among us ... :-)


Gillie said...

Here is another turtle - don't worry, Monique!

drea_dear said...

I'm still working on my "practice" biscornu, which may turn into my exchange biscornu if I run out of time. I wanted to practice the finishing so that my exchange piece will be "perfect". But we'll see!

Cole said...

I'm a turtle too... I just started on my biscornu yesterday, so I don't think you're alone!!

Monique S said...

"ooof" (represents the relieving sound of the air pressed out of my mouth) LOL
I'm happy again :-)
We should create an "undergroup" of this exchange, the "Turtlesnails" LOL (imagine that "animal" .. ROFLOL , a greenish slimy thing crawling around, carrying a tiny round house with all his stitching-stuff inside ... =)
I know, sometimes I have too much imagination LOL

AudronÄ— said...

I am still working on the pattern for biscornu :) Drawing takes time - much more than cross-stitching. But my needlework will be ready until the deadline!