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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Important Reminders!!

I want to take a few minutes to address some concerns that have come up in the last few days. First, though, I want to thank everyone for making this such a fun group to be a part of. I'm really enjoying getting to know each of you through your emails and comments here on the blog. One of the things I especially like is how quick everyone is to jump in and encourage one another. Thank you, because that is what makes this such a warm and friendly group!

The Scissors Fob Exchange still has missing fobs but I really feel that they will eventually make their way to their new homes if we are patient. Most of the ones still out there are going to or coming from approximately the same area which makes me think they are just being delayed by Customs or the Postal Services. However, if your fob has not been received by your partner by March 21st, please stitch a new one and resend. I'm hoping that will allow enough time for all the original ones to be delivered without anyone having to re-stitch.

Next, I want to remind everyone to review the Tiny Treasures Guidelines. This is especially important to do each time a new exchange is started because it is easy to forget some of the details of the guidelines if we don't. There are a number of different exchange groups around and it can be easy to confuse the rules of one exchange group with those of another. Remember to keep your stitched piece a secret - it is probably best to wait and post the photos after your partner has received her package so she can enjoy the full anticipation of what is inside the mysterious parcel from a secret sender! Remember, too, this is an international group, representing many different religions and political views so choose your subject matter carefully - no holiday, political, nationalistic or religious themes are to be used because I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable with or offended by what they receive from another member of our group.

Because of the long delivery time on some of the fobs, I know some of you are very concerned about allowing extra time for deliveries on this next exchange. If you feel you need to mail your exchange earlier than suggested, that will be okay - I just don't want anyone to think they have to mail out before the actual assigned deadline (for the Biscornu Exchange that is March 31, 2009.) Please check and double-check the mailing address for your partner - it is easy to make a mistake, especially when the address is for another country and may look very unusual to you, anyway. Don't forget to include your return address on the outside and on a note inside (it's a good idea to include your email address on the note also.)

Some of our members have added blogs and I have updated these links on the Members Page. I encourage everyone to check these links from time to time. Visit one another's blogs and leave them a comment - it helps us all get to know one another better and it's always encouraging to hear from others in our group! If anyone has added or changed a blog link, please let me know so I can keep them updated.

If you have any problems or concerns with our exchanges, please email me and I will do my best to get them resolved as quickly as possible. I know the postal delays can be stressful but try not to worry too much, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all and we have many successful exchanges to look forward to!

Sharon M

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