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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Could this be the First Biscornu Received?

Hello, All!

I am posting to let you know that my wonderful Biscornu from SGVChicago has arrived! I was so shocked when my dear boyfriend brought it in from the post because the mailing deadline isn't until the end of the month!! It is just gorgeous--With so much detail and pretty bead embellishments! I thought to myself, "Oh, how could she bear to send it away when it is so pretty!" I will treasure it, you can be sure! I hope it won't be your last, though, and that you will venture on another for yourself sometime soon!

Ladies, can you believe it is her first ever?!

From Tiny Treasures Exchange (Inbox)

Look at all the charming embellishments!

From Tiny Treasures Exchange (Inbox)

The center bead here is a frosty rose with a blue gleam--how perfect to complement the design!

From Tiny Treasures Exchange (Inbox)

Look at the charming pins securing the baggie of silks! EEk! :D
From Tiny Treasures Exchange (Inbox)

And the gift! My first ever silk threads--and such a pretty green! How thrilled am I to use them--but first I must finish my own biscornu! Fear not, dear recipient, I have not forgotten you! Though I am tempted to go and play with these silk threads, I will first do a good job making your gift!


Theresa said...

This is amazing!!!! Are you sure this is her very first biscornu?!
I yet have to finish up mine!!! After seeing this I think I'll have to work double speed so I can mail it out next week!!

SGVChicago said...

It was made for you with great pleasure....I have another secret! I also designed both sides of it! Enjoy the silks....I love stitching with them.
You have thrilled me with your pleasure! Enjoy

drea_dear said...

Gorgeous! (Wiping drool off my keyboard)

Mare said...

Wow, you lucky girl! What a lovely exchange & to think she also designed it. You have a very talented partner!

Yoyo said...

What a beautiful biscornu! And SGVChicago says she designed it too, how cool is that!! Congratulations on getting such a one of a kind exchange.

My blog, home of the Totally useless SAL. Come on over and join the fun.

Berit said...

SGV, Did you really? That makes it even more amazing (and I thought it was already as good as it could get!)

I am now working on my own Biscornu to give out with this beautiful one you sent at my side. How lovely it is! It is an encouragement to me when my own piece seems very difficult and slow (though it is really not so complex as yours in any way!) I think to myself, "How kind she was to put in all the work to give such a nice thing to me, a stranger. I must do my best and work hard to make a gift for my partner, too!" I also wish that you'll will get a really nice biscornu yourself from your sending partner!

To all of the other commenters, thanks for taking the time to leave a note about this piece!

SGVChicago said...

Much of the joy for me in this entire exchange genre is the reaction of the person receiveing the gift! And your reaction tops them all! No woman stitcher is a stranger....just someone you have not met yet.

Fiona said...

It is very beautiful and I feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of international stitchers! x

Cole said...

How beautiful!! Now I have to get a move on to get mine finished and out too!!

Brenda K said...

So lovely for a first attempt.I have finished mine and just waiting to mail to it's recipient.Had a lot of fun choosing colours and design.

amanda said...

really nice to be the first
mine is ready to mail

Honeybee said...

What a lovely biscornu! And a fantastic 1st one at that! AND your own design! What a talanted lady!