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Monday, March 30, 2009

A Surprise in the Mail!

I was working so hard to finish my biscornu by the deadline, that I somehow completely forgot that I had one coming in the mail! It was a fantastic surprise. (And also an "uh, duh!")

Here is my biscornu from Malinda.
Isn't it so pretty? It's a freebie from "My Aunt's Attic." And it has little beads on all the corners (they're hard to see in the pictures).

And here's the entire package:

Thank you so much, Malinda! It's wonderful.

On a similar note, my biscornu was mailed yesterday. It has a very long way to go. I'm so sorry it's out at the last minute! Life got in the way of sending it sooner.

1 comment:

Berit said...

This is great!!

I am so in love with the colours! Makes me want to stitch one up now, though I have 2 other Biscornus in the queue ahead of it!!