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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Biscornu has Arrived!!!!

I've received my biscornu exchange from Ana Luisa yesterday~~ It came all the way from Portugal!! Look at what she had made me - a giraffe biscornu!!!!!!!!! Totally up my alley!!!!

IMG_7459 copyIMG_7463

And here's all the goodies she included in the package~~ I'm so overwhelmed with joy!!

IMG_7456 copyIMG_7468 copy

The little chick just cracks me up!!! Thank you sooo much Ana~~




AudronÄ— said...

What an idea - giraffe biscornu! Very lovely.

Yoyo said...

Well that is darn cute!!

drea_dear said...

I love how he's peeking out at an angle. That is so cute. She clearly put a lot of thought into your piece!

Monique S said...

I would never have thought of taking a non-biscornu-pattern for a biscornu, but this-one teaches me better - it's really nice. A good idea :-)