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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick Notes

Just a couple of quick notes:

I have been asked about sending partner's email addresses along with the mailing addresses for the exchanges. I have not done this so far for two reasons. The first reason is, I have at least one member that preferred I not share her personal email address with anyone and I respect that wish. The second is, if you email the person you are sending to, it would take away the surprise of who their partner is. What does everyone think? I am happy to provide the info if everyone agrees but I don't want to compromise anyone's privacy either.

I have also considered sending an occasional newletter or announcements by email to the group as a whole but I haven't done so yet because I'm not certain that all the email addresses wouldn't show up with the email I send. Does anyone object to taking that chance? If you would prefer I not include you on a group email list, please email me and let me know. Thanks!
Sharon M


Cathy B said...

Hi Sharon -

Perhaps we could all agree to include our email addresses when we send our exchanges; that way the receiver can acknowledge once the exchange is received. Just a thought!

Cathy B

stitchhappy said...

I really like Cathy's suggestion!
Sharon M

drea_dear said...

I agree. It would be nice to e-mail the person and thank them personally. But I understand wanting to preserve privacy.

You can avoid having people see everyone's e-mail in a group mailing by putting all the addresses in the "bcc" line - "blind courtesy copy". That way, only each recipient's name would show up on their screen as "To". HTH.

And thanks for all your work. I've been having trouble keeping everything straight - I can't imagine the headache you have!


Xangles said...

I absolutely love the surprise element of this exchange. I agree with Cathy B - we can send all personal contact details with our exchange mailout