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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fob received from Lisa!

A beautiful fob arrived in the mail from Lisa a couple of days ago. I'm sorry I'm late in posting this, but one of my little girls was in hospital for an entire week and I'm only just now getting back into normal living mode.

Scissor fob from Lisa

Scissor fob from Lisa

Anyway, isn't this fob gorgeous?! Thank you so much, Lisa, and for the beads as well. You didn't leave me an email address and I couldn't find one on your blog, so couldn't write and thank you personally.


Yoyo said...

What a lovely fob. Hope you enjoy.

Cole said...

What a beautiful fob - I can't stop being amazed at all the beautiful work we're seeing! I hope your daughter is better :)

Monika said...

Beautiful fob.

Bonnie said...

Your fob is beautiful. I love the cardinal. Hope your daughter is feeling better.

Myra said...

I just love anything with birds - beautiful fob.

Anonymous said...

so glad it arrived safely Jean, and most importantly that you like it.
Hope you're Daughter is better now?

stitchhappy said...

Lisa, the fob is soooo cute! Jean has to love it! I hope EVERYONE is feeling better now!
Sharon M