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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fob Received from Amanda

Amanda's beautiful scissor fob arrived this morning! It's a strawberry shaped fob, I've been wanting one this shape but hadn't got round to making myself one so Amanda's is just perfect for me. The stitching is so tiny and precise, it's gorgeous. Also in the packet was a note card and two lengths of lovely ribbon that will be very useful to me. The amazing thing was that it only took three days to arrive here in the UK all the way from Italy. Thank you Amanda for a lovely exchange. Amanda was my partner so I hope she enjoyed receiving my fob too.



Patti said...

Ann you are so lucky because that really is a very lovely scissor fob. Enjoy.

Myra said...

That is so pretty and the ribbon is gorgeous too!

Lori said...

Beautiful fob Ann! Amanda did a great job!

stitchhappy said...

Well done, Amanda! It is very beautiful! I have never tried the strawberry finish before, but it sure is an elegant finish! Enjoy, Ann!
Sharon M

Mare said...

Very pretty!