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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fob Picture

I got my scanner working so here is a picture of the wonderful fobs that Barb sent me. :)

The "A" is my first initial. I love both of them!

Thanks again Barb!


Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

Great fobs!!!!

Myra said...

They are both very pretty!

barb said...

You're welcome. I enjoyed making them. Now I am on a kick to stitch for the ladies in my stitch group a scissor fob for their birthdays.

Monique said...

Another 2 beautiful fobs :-)
There are no limits to fobs ... each and every are so different ..
I love this exchange :)

stitchhappy said...

Beautiful work, Barb! Twice as nice because there are two!
Sharon M

Cathy B said...

Both fobs are nicely done!