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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Beautiful Fob is Here

I am so happy to be the proud owner of this beautiful fob that Estrella made for me. I simply love it. Her stitching and finishing are excellent. She chose a design in my favorite color, lavender. She added beads attached to a fluffy pompom.

It actually arrived Saturday but I missed the mail carrier and she took it back to the post office. So I had to wait all day Sunday and then Monday was Martin Luther King Day and the post office was closed.. I had to work today (Tuesday). I think I drove everyone crazy at work cause I couldn't wait to get home and open it.
She also sent me this beautiful piece of fabric that she hand dyed. It also has my favorite colors, lavender and blue. The fabric has sparkly silver flecks in it. I am going to have to choose something special to stitch with it. Thanks so much Estrella, you are an angel. Hugs, Bonnie


Cathy B said...

Beautiful fob from Estrella -- she put a lot of effort into stitching and finishing this one!

Estrella said...

I,m so so happy that you like it, lilacs are some of my favorite flowers and lilac one of your favourite colours so I thougt it was a good idea to stitch something that will like both us.... Hugs, Estrella

BW said...

Wonderful fob! It looks great. And the fabric looks very nice, too.

Monique S said...

I agree with BW , beautiful as well for the stitching as for the fabric. :)

Myra said...

My favorite colors too! That is just lovely.

Cornflower said...

The lilac is beautiful. Well done Estrella!

stitchhappy said...

Wow! Stunningly beautiful! And the piece of fabric is pretty, too! Definitely will need something special stitched on it!
Sharon M