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Friday, January 9, 2009

My first attempt at a fob....

This is my first, well, actually the second, pathetic attempt at a scissors fob. They looked pretty easy to me, and they are, but I just happen to suck at whatever kind of stitching it is you do to close the gap when you make little pillows. You'll see in my other ornaments I finished today that they suck, too. The first little fob I tried to make was so cute - a teeny weeny little house and tree by Bent Creek, stitched one-over-one on 32-count linen. Problem number one was that I cut it too small for making into a little pillow, so when I turned it inside out some of the design was in the stitches. Second, since I'm so bad at doing the stitching, and the linen kept coming apart, I couldn't close it. Into the trash it went. Next, I stitched this little guy, from the Told in a Garden Bookmarks collection. See the uneven dent in the bottom? That's where I did my hand stitching after machine stitching the rest. Oh well. The person who receives it will also receive an explanation and the hope that she sees it as "rustic."


Sabine Rose said...

Don't worry, Cyndi! It was stitched with the heart, and it's all that matters. And instead of saying that your sewing is all wrong, you should say it was done on purpose. Like a Picasso. It's not uneven, it's art. ;-)

Cole said...

I agree with Sabine 100%, I'm sure that whoever receives it will cherish it forever, knowing the hard work and heart behind it :)

Jessica said...

What Sabine and Cole say are definitely true. :) Don't put yourself down. I think it's adorable! And don't worry, you're not the only one who's learning; I had to end up making a second scissors fob too!