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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Biscornu Exchange Sign-Ups Open

Our next exchange will be a Biscornu Exchange. They are a very popular finish and received the most votes on the poll asking what items we should stitch. If you need some examples, type in "biscornu" in Google images and you will find lots of them. This exchange is open to all registered members of Tiny Treasures Exchange. Please do take a moment to review our guidelines before signing up for this exchange. If you wish to participate in this exchange, please send an email with your contact information/mailing address to me with Biscornu Exchange Sign-Up in the subject line.

Sign-ups for the Biscornu Exchange will be taken until February 10, 2009.

Partner names will be emailed out by February 14, 2009 .

The mailing deadline will be March 31, 2009.


drea_dear said...

First to comment, looks like second to sign up! Darn, Robin beat me to it! LOL (Sharon, you have e-mail from me.)


amanda said...

me too for the new exchange
mail as soon as possible

Estrella said...

Yes, yes, yes me too for this new exchange of biscornu, I´m sending you an e-mail right now. Hugs, Estrella