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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe mine? I didn´t recive my exchange yet... but thought it could be things of the mail.......
Hi there all...
Just wondering if the floss tag I mailed out on June 6th has arrived to it's new owner yet? I have been MIA a lot this month so may have missed her note on here? Thanks!
Lynn S. in Mn.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pictures of Floss Tag from Patti

Here's the floss tag I received from Patti - isn't it great? I'm not sure where the design is from, perhaps Blackbird Designs? As you can see, Patti included some gorgeous silk threads and ribbon. Thanks a bunch Patti!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Floss Tag Arrived!

My floss tag from Patti arrived today! Yay! I will have photos up tomorrow. Patti, I will also email you directly with a proper thank you! Thanks!

Cathy B

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hoye hoye

My floss tag has arrived Estrella. Thank you so very much. So much time on my little piece is very much appreciated. I just love those colors. The back is matching fabric. SWEET.
It warms my heart (I know I am weepee lol).

Floss tag

I received from Fiona!
and loved. She sent lots of beautiful things

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Biscornu finally arrived

Thanks so much Jayne for my biscornu - it arrived safely today and is beautiful - worth the wait - thankyou!
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Floss Tag from Berit

Look at this beautiful floss tag that I have received from Berit today!!

More pictures are available in my blog.

Thank you so much, Berit. I love them all, especially the awesome floss tag that you have made specially for me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just a few words to advice I got my marvellouse floss ring from Nita.
The photo later

Monday, June 22, 2009

Floss Tag from Monique

Look at what Monique sent me from Holland!!

She stitched thimbles on the floss tag and added some great goodies, I 'm looking for a chart to use the threads. I love the colors!!

Thanks Monique!!!

PS I hope that mine arrived safely it has been almost two weeks now and I haven't seen it here yet : (

Floss Ring Tag from Cindy

Look what a gorgeous treasure and some gifts I recieved from Cindy today! I couldn't expect to get such a beautiful tag. Thank You very much!

Floss Tag from Jean

I was so excited this morning to receive my floss ring tag from Jean all the way from Singapore! Jean, I absolutely love the tag and you are so right about using the garden theme, I love the design you've used with the flower, bird and particularly the insects, I love to stitch these myself. Also in the package was some scrumptious hand dyed floss by Carrie's Creation, Desert Bloom and Peppermint. I've never had any hand dyed floss before so this is a special treat - thank you so much Jean for the wonderful package.


Floss tag has arrived.

Hello All and speciale Bonnie

My Floss tag has arrived.
I like iv much and Bonnie also included the floss colours she had justed.
I really like it very much.
Here is a pic i have lent from the site of bonnie because my camera is out of bateries.

Bonnie thanks again for this great Floss tag.

Greetings Monique

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello I will show you my biscornu,
it was made from Rochelle Ireland.
She has made this because my biscornu doesnt
arrived jet.Many thanks at Rochelle.
Best Sabine from Germany

Ihope you understand,my english is not very well.

Floss Tag Rec'd by Patti & photos of fob from Jessica

All of the floss tags are so pretty! Patti received the one I stitched for her & sent me a lovely mail earlier this week. It was the first and only tag I have ever made. I kept picking larger designs so finding the right small design was harder than I thought. I am sure I will be doing more of them so thank you Sharon for the nudge to join in the fun.

Jessica send this lovely fob long ago in the first exchange and life got crazy so I kept forgetting to post photos. It is the sweetest thing and has gotten lots of use the past few months. Thanks again!


Floss Tag From Lori

I have received my floss tag from Lori. She stitched this cute Chocoholic tag for me.  I like the chocoholic designs, they are so cute. For some reason I have been in a pink mood so I especially love it.She also sent me loads of floss that I can add to my stash. Included are some of the DMC Variegated Floss that I am using quite a bit of lately. A package of floss bobbins, a post card from Massachussets and some recipe cards  (some of which I may test out) and a nice note card.

Lori has just had surgery so I appreciate the effort she made in stitching my first floss tag. Thank you so much Lori.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My floss tag came

Thank you Lynn. I recieved my floss tag today I think it is so pretty I really love the purple floss and the project bag :)

Thank you

My Floss Tag

I've received yesterday my "J" Floss Ring Tag, from Jenna, California:

With 3 wonderful hand-dyed floss for my beloved quakers!
Thank you so much Jenna!
Mary J

Next Exchange??

Any ideas on the next exchange Sharon? We are all so keen!!

From Poland, a Surprise

I received a lovely package from Iza yesterday(18 June 2009). In addition to an exquisite floss tag (with a butterfly!), she also included some gorgeous silk floss and a postcard. Beautiful! Here's a close-up of the floss tag, so you can see both her meticulous stitching and the amazing color variations in the floss. Thank-you, Iza, I adore the tag, and can't wait to use the floss in a special project.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi here's the photo at last of Natasha's tag that she sent to me, I had problems with the camera.

Thank you for all the extras as well Natasha.


Floss Tag Takes Wing

Here's a quick note to let everyone know I have (finally) mailed my floss tag yesterday afternoon! As it is traveling by air mail, you can guess it's got a long way to go--The postman says 6-10 days. Better late than never, I hope!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exchange received from Theresa

I had a sweet surprise in my mailbox yesterday from Theresa!

Theresa stitched this from Windy Willows "Early Summer" and personalized the back with our info.

Thank you so much Theresa, I love it!


Floss tag arrived from Italy

I received a beautiful floss tag this morning from Amanda in Italy. In the envelope there was also some Anchor floss, pink ribbon, 2 beads which are beautiful colours and 2 charms. Wish I could get a better photo to show the colours of the beads, but at least the lovely colours in my floss tag show ;-) Thank you so much for a wonderful package, Amanda.

Floss tag sent

Hello dear stitching friends! Sorry forgot to post here; my floss tag have been sent.
Happy stitching!
{hugs} Ronel

Monday, June 15, 2009

Floss Tag Arrived

I rec'd my floss tag over the weekend (we were out of town). I still need to take a pic of it, it is gorgeous! there were also extras in there, some pretty green ribbon, floss, tear drop floss cards and a chocolate bar that looked great but didn't make it. It's pretty hot here in Arizona and chocolate doesn't make it 1 minute outside. luckily everything was in separate little baggies so nothing was damaged (the floss tag most importantly).

But i couldn't read the postcard included because of the chocolate damage. I think it is from Mary J. (i know it is from Portugal but not sure on the name). Any help??

I love the package and will post a pic later of the goodies. hugs

Floss Ring Tag received from Cathy :)

Thank you Cathy for this lovely Quaker floss ring tag ! My first and only Quaker piece :) Also thank you for the matching extra Belle Soie silk threads ! They are so lovely !

Floss Ring Tag from Lesley

Just look at this fabulous floss ring tag Lesley made for me!!!!


And look at what else was in this package!!!! I am so spoiled!!!


Thank you sooooo much, Lesley!!! You truly made my day!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hi Everyone,
I better let you all know I am out of town and have been for two weeks and won't be home until about the 23rd. If YOU were the one who I am to receive the floss tag from don't panic that you haven't heard if I've received. I won't get my mail until I return to Hibbing. Will post soon after! Thanks!
Lynn S.



Floss Tag Mailed

Sorry for the late post but my exchange partner should be receiving her floss tag soon. It was mailed June 8. Hope she enjoys it!

Exchange received from Renee

This adorable floss tag arrived in my mail from Renee. Isn't it just the cutest?! In her note she said she made it in honor and memory of my dear cat Bogey who recently passed away. I was very touched and just love this little tag. Another one I will treasure.

Thank you Renee for the lovely tag and for the extra flosses you sent along. You made my day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Floss Tag is on it's Way

Greetings! Just checking in to lreport that my floss tag started it's long journey from Australia to a mystery recipient. My apologies - work and family matters have delayed me a little this time.


Friday, June 12, 2009

floss tag

just a few words to say mine is out travelling to...
I think it will arrive soon
Not a long way to go

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Floss Tag from Stacy.

Yesterday I received the most precious floss tag from Stacy. The frogs and bees are sooo cute! Thank you so much, Stacy, you've made a real treasure.

Hi everyone, only a few words to let you know that my floss ring tag it´s on his way. I hope my partner like it, I´ve stitched with all my love. Hugs, Estrella

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Floss Tag mailed

I have mailed my floss tag. I hope my partner likes it!

hugs, karen

Floss tag from Audrone

I received the cutest floss tag from Audrone! She also generously included two skeins of DMC metallics, a fridge magnet and a postcard. Thank you so much, Audrone!

Here are photos.

Floss tag from Audrone

Floss tag exchange from Audrone

Floss Tag Mailed


I have mailed off my floss tag today. it should arrive in a few days.

Happy Stitching

Floss Tag Sent

My floss tag has been sent to my partner. I think she will like it! Let me know when it arrives.

Floss tag on its way

Hello all

My floss tag is on it's wao his new owner.
I hope she will like it.
Please let me know when it arrives.

Greetings monique

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apologies for being late

with mailing this exchange :( Family things got in the way and it will be on the way by Saturday at the latest.

Hi Everyone...
Just a note to let you know my floss tag is on ts way to???? Hope it gets there safe and sound! It has a LONG ways to go!
Take care!
Lynn in Mn,

Floss Tag is sent

I finally put my package together and in the mail yesterday.
I hope that it arrives safely and that my partner is pleased.
I am new to these exchanges so I am learning as I go but I am
really enjoying these exchanges and meeting stitchers
from all over that are just like me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Floss Ring Tag Mailed~~

I mailed my package today!!!! Hopefully it will arrive to its destination safe and sound~~


Floss Tag - sent.

Just wanted to let you know my floss tag is on it's way. I hope my partner likes it.

A Visit to the Post Office

and a floss tag is sent on it's way! The ladies at the Post Office always ask me, "Where in the world is this going to?" - I guess they have gotten used to me posting small packages to distant places! They tell me 5 - 10 days for this little package - I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

In the post!

Just to let you know that I posted my floss tag today! It's quite a relief to get it sent off as I have to confess I struggled with the finishing a bit - me and floss tags don't seem to go together. However, the end result looks nice and I hope my partner likes it. There's also another special little something in the parcel for her (sneek peak here) - hope she likes it too!

Floss Ring Tag sent...

... a few minutes ago.
I'm hopping my Secret Friend likes it...
It was the very first time I've done something like this and it was so pleasant!
I confess I was a litlle bit affraid, but was really much more easyer than I expected.
...now I'm ansious to see if my partner likes it.

Floss Tag Sent

Well thank to Sharon's encouragement I finished and sent my 1st floss tag. And since Since there were a few more rings in the package it won't be my last. I hope my partner is pleased.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Needlework set (and flosstag, too) Received!

Hello, Ladies! Just a quick stop-in to let announce that a Beautiful needlework set has just arrived from Ann! Unfortunately, the sun is gone for today, and this set deserves the best pics I can get, so we shall have to wait until tomorrow for the pics. Today is my dear boyfriend's birthday weekend, so for now I just wanted to set Ann's mind at rest lest she be anxious for its safe arrival!
I promise to remember your curiosity and post pics asap!

Floss Tag Received

I received this beautiful dragonfly floss tag from Rochelle! If the design looks familiar it's because it's a design from Cross Stitch Happy. The added beads make the dragonfly shimmer just like a real one! Three skeins of DMC Pearl Cotton Variations and DMC gold tapestry needles were included in the package. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks for being my "stitchin' friend", Rochelle. I love it!

Floss Ring Exchange Mailed

My Floss Ring Exchange was mailed today! Hope you like it partner!

Cathy B
With Needle and Thread

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Mailed My Exchange Today.

My Floss Tag is on the way to it's  new home.
It has a long way to go so hopefully it will arrive safely
and won't take too long.

Just a note to say that I sent off my floss tag to it's new home today!! Hope it makes a quick journey!


GORGEOUS Floss Tag arrived from Sharon V!

Oh my goodness... the mailman delivered the most beautiful floss tag to me today! Sharon actually designed this herself (and lucky me... she gave me the chart which also includes designs for a scissor pocket and needlebook!) Sharon, you are way too talented! Thank you so much! I absolutely love it. Stacy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Biscornu for Sabine

I have sent a biscornu to Sabine today, angeling her exchange. She should get it soon!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I live in a building with a doorman and he was all a twitter today about the package I had waiting from Singapore. You can see what a sweet Floss Tag that it contained. It also has some floss and a lovely post card from Jeanie. I can't tell you how pleased I am with my gift. The pattern and the size are perfect for my stitching bag.
Thank you, Jeannid