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Monday, June 15, 2009

Floss Tag Arrived

I rec'd my floss tag over the weekend (we were out of town). I still need to take a pic of it, it is gorgeous! there were also extras in there, some pretty green ribbon, floss, tear drop floss cards and a chocolate bar that looked great but didn't make it. It's pretty hot here in Arizona and chocolate doesn't make it 1 minute outside. luckily everything was in separate little baggies so nothing was damaged (the floss tag most importantly).

But i couldn't read the postcard included because of the chocolate damage. I think it is from Mary J. (i know it is from Portugal but not sure on the name). Any help??

I love the package and will post a pic later of the goodies. hugs


Cenoura said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry!!! Is hot here in Portugal but I couldn't imagine the weather in your town...
Thank God at least the floss ring is not also damaged... I saw in your blog that you love dark chocolate (me too!! ;)), that's why I've sent it.
I'm sending you another post card to join the package, ok?

Karen said...

Hi! I absolutely loved teh package, i was worried about getting the floss tag out but it came out just fine. it is gorgeous, and i promise to take pics today and post them later on tonight. yes, there are only a couple months out of the year it is even close to being safe to send chocolate here, late Nov-Feb. LOL Trust me, i would have loved the chocolate too!! thank you sooo much!!

Berit said...

This is really a unique one; I like the long "landscape" feel.

Karen said...

This new floss tag is waiting for my next new "start" after i get back from the LNS today. LOL It is so pretty and delicate, I love it!