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Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Happy Day

You'll never guess what showed up in my mail box today. No, not a floss tag, I didn't participate in that one. It was a beatup-battered-been-around-the-world-twice six month old box! Remember way back in January? the scissors fob exchange? Well I made a very nice personalized fob for Iza and thenhaveaheart
Here it is Iza, at last

wrote her address incorrectly on the package and it got lost in the mail. TA DAH, it finally came back home today -- six months to the day after it was mailed! Iza, if you read this I am going to repost the package, but I want to get a photo of it first, just for posterity. My husband is off fishing with the camera and won't be home for two more days, but I'll get the photo and mail the package ASAP! The fob really is personalized for you and you really should have it. Oh, I'm so excited to know the package wasn't just purloined by some disgruntled postal worker. My faith has been restored, if we hold on long enough our packages will get where they are going -- even if they have to be mailed twice (LOL).


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Berit said...

Yay! What an amazing story! 6 months to the day, you say?!

5horizons said...

OMG! I'm speachless! I totally love the fob you sent me and I really appreciate that you're willing to send me the other one. Our story is sooo optimistic, it made my day! Thank you so much, Yoyo.