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Sunday, July 19, 2009

LOST Floss Tag???

Well I am feeling VERY bad about my partner appearantly NOT receiving her floss tag from me? I haven't heard a word? If PATTI A will let me know ASAP I will resend one to you! (Maybe I missed the notice on this blog that she recieved?)I mailed the first one right around June 9 to CANADA from MN.
As I look through blogs etc. I CANNOT believe how many pkgs. etc. get lost in the mail or are in a long delay to receive. Yet the postal service in the US anyways...feels they have good cause to keep raising postal rates for the crummy service they provide? Jeepers! It takes all the fun our of these swaps etc. As busy as our summers are none of us really have the extra time/money to redo our exchanges and then have the postal services can make money TWICE on us when we mail.Doesn't seem to matter WHEN or HOW we ship.
There! I'm kinda,sorta done venting! Grrrr!


Berit said...

I dunno; it DOES seem that we are having more mailing trouble with this round than the others...It just really seems like there is almost too much trouble to be believed!

As for what you said, it is indeed so! How disappointing to have to do it all again without someone having enjoyed the fruits of your labor!

Lynn said...

I did hear from my partner after posting this ocmment. She did receive it after all but hadn't posted as so. Whew! Now to track down the other exchange!