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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ronel's floss tag

Hi everyone,
I had sent Ronel's floss tag out when it was due out and it hasn't arrived as of yet. i have since sent Ronel another floss tag, so hopefully this one will make it to her safely.

Also, i just posted a comment on Estrella's post that i am going to stitch her a floss tag as well since she hasn't rec'd one as of yet.

Hugs, Karen


Berit said...

Whew! Karen, you are a hero! It is so kind of you to do this extra work to make everyone's exchange a good experience.

On another note, I wonder what the next exchange will be...and somewhat if there will be a next exchange at all! Sharon M. has been very busy offline, I think. She may not be able to continue. I hope this is not the last exchange!

Ronel said...

Yes, I agree with Berit. What a wonderful person you are! {{hug}} Ronel