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Friday, November 21, 2008

Scissors Fob Exchange

I thought we would start with a scissors fob - they are fun, easy to finish and we all need them, right?! When you receive your partner's name, you might want to check their blog for ideas of what to stitch for them. If they don't have a blog or if after checking it you are still not sure, you may email me and I will try to find out their likes and dislikes for you. If you need some inspiration, type in scissors fob in Google images and you will find lots of examples. Please do take a moment to review our guidelines before you begin stitching. If you decide to send an "extra" item in your package, choose wisely because only one extra is allowed per exchange. Remember, this is to keep the exchange costs down so everyone can enjoy exchanging even if their current financial situation may be very difficult.

This exchange is open to all registered members of Tiny Treasures Exchange. If you wish to participate in this exchange, please send an email with your contact information/mailing address to me with Scissors Fob Exchange Sign-Up in the subject line.

Sign-ups for the Scissors Fob Exchange will be taken until December 17, 2008.

Partner names will be emailed out by December 20.

The mailing deadline will be January 21, 2009.


drea_dear said...

Sharon, I've sent you an e-mail to sign up. I'm very excited about it! I also put a notice on my blog, for my few readers who didn't check your blog first!

Ann said...

Wow, lots of exchangers signed up already, I'd love to sign up but I'm so slow that I'd feel like that old rhinoceros in Jumanji, stumping along trying to keep up with everyone!

stitchhappy said...

Ann, I hope you will join us - it is a good opportunity to start exchanging with small projects. I stick with small things because I'm the slowest stitcher in the world! I think some of these ladies must stitch in their sleep!
Sharon M

Nita said...

Wow, I'm so excited. I love exchanges, and Tiny Treasures sounds just right! Little items are so satisfying, because you see your finish soon!
I'm so happy to join you - it's gonna be fun!


I've sent you and e-mail too. I hope I could be a member of this group. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me.

stitchhappy said...

Estrella, we would love to have you join us. I have not received your email, though. Please try to send it again to: xstch crzy 2 @ yahoo. com (no spaces) Thanks!
Sharon M


I've send you an email right now, hope you will recive it, I'm really interested in this project, I will be very happy to sew something for someone far away from home.

needles-and-quilter-me said...

Hello...I am excited to be part of this group blog/exchange group and hope I can make many new friends through here also! Thanks for allowing me in! Lynn S.in Mn. USA

Anonymous said...

Yay. I can't wait to start.