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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Biscornu on its way.

I'm really sorry for not posting sooner, but I had a little trouble with my laptop. My biscornu is making its long way to my over-the-sea partner. I had soooo much fun stitching the biscornu, I hope she'll like it.

Beautiful Biscornu

WOW! I received this beautiful stitched biscornu from Lynn today. It is stitched in a pretty mauve color with the finest stitches in darker mauve and beads to compliment it. More photos can be seen here. She also included very pretty fabric, ribbon and pretty little flowers. Spoiled! Thank you so much Lynn for the exchange, you are a wonderful stitcher!

Has My Biscornu Arrived Yet Please?

I am sitting here on tenderhooks waiting to see if my partner has received the Biscornu. Every day I check on here and every day it isn't showing up and I mailed it almost 2 weeks ago. If you have received it please just let me know and I can put a photo on here of it if you can't take one. Thanks a lot Patti from the UK xxx

Look What The Mailman Brought!

I received a very special biscornu from Jean, The Slow Stitcher in Singapore. Can you see the sparkles on the fabric? Ooh, it's really cute, reminds me of the long summer we've just had here in Perth...Thanks so very much, Jean. And thanks too, for the lovely hank of purple Carrie's Threads. Much appeciated.

Please, I´d like to know......

if my partner in the exchange has recibed my biscornu, it´s been 20 days ago I mailed the packet and I have consulted the page of post office of her country and says to me that already it has come to her, I wanted to remain calm..... Hugs, Estrella

Al Alba una Estrella....

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Surprise in the Mail!

I was working so hard to finish my biscornu by the deadline, that I somehow completely forgot that I had one coming in the mail! It was a fantastic surprise. (And also an "uh, duh!")

Here is my biscornu from Malinda.
Isn't it so pretty? It's a freebie from "My Aunt's Attic." And it has little beads on all the corners (they're hard to see in the pictures).

And here's the entire package:

Thank you so much, Malinda! It's wonderful.

On a similar note, my biscornu was mailed yesterday. It has a very long way to go. I'm so sorry it's out at the last minute! Life got in the way of sending it sooner.


Yesssss..... my beautiful biscornu arrived on Saturday morning but till today I couldn´t take fotos, here it is, isn´t it a marvellous biscornu? Thank you Yoyo, I love blackwork and I love fifty sided biscornu and I love more the detail of your name in one of the sides, you are an angel. It brings too two marking pins and a kit of cross stitch. Thank you so much, I will treasured with my Tiny Treasures things......

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My biscornu is on its way!

My biscornu has been mailed! I really hope my secret partner enjoys it as much as I loved stitching it!


Beautiful Biscornu

I received this BEAUTIFUL biscornu from Gaby. I LOVE IT!!! She used Dinky Dyes to stitch “Spring Fever”. Don’t the colors and the button just remind you of fresh blooming flowers on a beautiful sunny day?
On the reverse side she personalized the biscornu by stitching our initials, the exchange name and the year.
Gaby included this post card of a bear in a flower garden holding a bouquet. She also included a chart to be stitched on a linen band entitled “Sommer”. Thank you so much for this wonderful exchange!

Received my Biscornu All the way from Scotland!

I received my lovely Biscornu the other day from Lynne in Scotland. Lynn did just a fantastic job of matching up my likes with my very "scanty" description of what I like and do not like!

Great Job Lynne! I love the biscornu and will think of you every time I use it!

She also included an lovely postcard of Glasgow and a Tomatoe Pincushion.

I apologize to the group for not coming in and posting right away upon receiving this lovely biscornu but my hubby and I were celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary.

My Biscornu Is Here

I am now the very proud owner of a Dragonfly Biscornu. Aury designed this biscornu for me. It is so beautiful and dainty. I simply love it! She used the colors from my blog so she knew I like lavender. The dragonflies are awesome and so beautifully stitched. I also like starfish and she used the cutest starfish buttons, lavender on the front and mint green on the back.
Thank you so much Aury, I will treasure it always.
She also sent a Hummingbird pattern that she designed and included the floss to stitch it. I hope you don't mind Aury, I got the picture from your blog so I could show what a cute design it is.

I really have to squeeze this into my schedule and stitch it up. A million hugs and kisses Aury you are the greatest!

It's On the Way

My biscornu left Perth, Western Australia yesterday morning destined for a faraway place to a secret Tiny Treasures participant. Hope it arrives soon and safe.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biscornu on it's way!

My biscornu started it's cross-country journey this afternoon. I hope my partner likes it!


Biscornu Posted!

My biscornu was posted this afternoon and it's off to it's new home. I hope it gets there soon!!

Beautiful Biscornu from Candace

I received this beautiful biscornu from Candace! She must have really studied my blog; in her note she explained that she tried to find a biscornu from one of my favorite designers but couldn't find anything suitable, so she just adapted the rabbit and grass motifs from LHN's Nature's Beauty to create one side of the biscornu.
The other side of the biscornu is a Teresa Wentzler design - English Cottage Sampler. I think the two sides complement each other nicely.
Candace also made these cute pins using seed beads and insect beads. Hope you can see them in the picture! Wonderful exchange - thank you Candace!

Biscornu Sent and Received

My biscornu was mailed today; I hope my partner likes it!

I also received a biscornu today from Candace. A little bit later today I'll be sending a thank you off to Candace directly and I'll be posting photos here. It's a beauty so please be sure to stop back to see them!

On its way.....

My Biscornu is on its way, having a long way travel. It was my first attempt and I loved stitching it.

Biscornu On It's Way

I mailed my biscornu yesterday. It is traveling a long way. I hope it arrives soon and safely.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bicornu received, thank you Maria

Wow, look at this lovely little biscornu I received from Maria. It is a 15-sided biscornu and made slightly different from regular biscornu. It has little feet like table, Maria said it represents the coming of Spring. It is so special and I really love it, the pictures do not do it justice.

Maria is one talented lady. She designs and adapts Elena Feliciano's paintings to cross stitch. She sent me one of her adaptations, the Peacock Feathers Stiletto, it just beautiful. Please visit her blog for more designs. Maria also sent me a polar bear magnet and a DreamCatcher keychain.

Thank you, Maria, for a wonderful exchange!


Biscornu Mailed

I've mailed my biscornu. It was lots of fun stitching and I hope my partner likes it :)

Biscornu Mailed

I sent my biscornu today, It will be in its new home no later than Monday. I hope the receiver likes my package!!

Biscornu arrived from Gillie

I received this beautiful biscornu this morning, I love the floss colour and the pearl bead. Thanks Gillie, I love it!

My Biscornu received

My Biscornu arrived yesterday. Such a lovely one.
Thanks a lot Dawn.

She send me also Ball Pins and beautiful stickers.

I was very happy to get such sweet things.

Now I'm hoping, that mine will be soon at its new place too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biscornu Mailed


I mailed off my biscornu today. Hopefully it should be there in a few days.




I received my biscornu today from LESLEY who spoiled me absolutely rotton :) I love it so very much. It is so me.  You showed me alot of things that I never tried before and I love it. *HUGE HUGS* 

Biscornu has arrieved

Hello all

I have got a lovely biscornu from Ellen from Singapore.
It is very lovely the colours are great and i also love the scissor fob that you have made for me.
Thanks for this great exchange.

Greetings Monique

Biscornu received

Today I received the pretty biscornu stitched for me by Eileen in UK. She took a variegated thread and embellished it with beads. I really like it and I thank Eileen for this nice piece of work, the floss and the ribbon. I guess you all wanna see it ..... here we go :

(don't understand why blogger puts the pics above the text .. ?? !! *strange* )

The other side :

(OK, blogger must be stranger than me .... both pics above text .... doesn't matter :-) )

Thanks Eileen :-)

Biscornu from Lisa arrived!

Yesterday I received the most precious biscornu from Lisa (Scotland). I just love its lively colors and beads! Thank you so much, Lisa, for this beautiful gift!

My lovely Biscornu all the way from Italy

A lovely surprise when I came home today.Thankyou so much Amanda,You have matched the button and beads exactly.Thankyou also for the floss,and the lovely heart button.Will look out for a project to match it to.This is my first exchange,and I am so pleased to recieve this.

Thankyou once again and happy stitching,

Take care,


Biscornu arrived!

I have recieved a marvellous biscornu from Tanya (the USA), thank you! It is so fresh :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biscornu Received from Myra

I received this pretty biscornu from Myra in Ramseur, NC. It's so pretty! I love dragonflies which are stitched in a pretty, sparklie turquoise. It's the perfect size too. Thanks so much Myra! I just love the design.

Beautiful Biscornu

I received the most lovely biscornu on saturday from Brenda, she also sent a matching scissor fob and a Little House Needleworks chart (one of my favorite designers) thank you so much Brenda.
Looking forward to the next exchange.

Biscornu in transit

My exchange partner's biscornu is on it's way!!

Biscornu from Vivian..

Look what wonderful package I got from Vivian....I am sooo happy with it, isn´t the Biscornu a sweetie?? And she also send me a box with a stitched piece inside, and this is still not all, I also got a scissor fob and some strawberry buttons;-))
Thanks a lot, Vivian, it´s a perfect package and it made my day;-))